Im sitting in the uni cafeteria 5meters from my forever senpai (he was an upperclassmen when i was at japanese school and the most beautiful thing I’ve seen back then) watching he chewing like an adorable troll and secretively taking pics omg he’s looking at me while im writing this omg marry me lol

I’m so creepy jfc

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Do what thou wilt, but be honest with thyself.


i fucking hate when people have insinuated that i use my preference to veganism as eating disorder behavior. i tried to explain to a therapist once why veganism was important to me and she was like well what if you just weren’t instead. they are no where in the least related. uhgggggggg

right?? i never really have trouble with therapists or shrinks, but nutritionists are hell. i just saw a couple in the very beginning of my treatment just to learn i will never see another one again (unless they don’t oppose to veganism)!  thank god my actual therapist recognizes the differences between conscious action and a distorted one! i never tried to lecture her on the subject just poured my ramblings on the matter occasionally during a normal session and, idk if i have any part on that but, after around a year after starting treating me she went vegetarian. to me this sort of happening counts infinitely more than any misguided judgement of an internet stranger. my mind is 100% peaceful about this case.

dude stop asking me if my veganism has anything to do with my eating problems! they’re emotional issues translated into self-perception and food thoughts. cows, birds and all the other animal nations are not food, but individuals like me and you (despite of you being an anonymous underlying bully). what the hell would they have to do with my personal soap opera?